Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gen. Walter Natynczyk - "...I provided the best information..."

I would die laughing if the subject matter weren't so serious, but I just have to hang my head in shame for listening to buffoons like General Walter Natynczyk, Chief of Defence Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces.

"Yesterday, just like in May '07, I provided the best information that was available to me," he told reporters. "And the moment I saw this report this morning, I realized it was wrong, or the information I provided yesterday was incorrect, and I'm responsible for that."

So after Peter Mackay and others in the Conservative Party ganged up on truthspeaker Richard Colvin (a current Canadian Diplomat), suggesting his information and testimony was 'not credible', they called in the General to support their little witch hunt. Well, not only twenty four hours after the esteemed General testified, he had to recant it after being presented with some late arriving information!

Shame, shame, shame Mssr's Mackay, Harper, and Natynczyk. You're all a bunch of petty liars! Please don't suggest for a moment that no one knew about this report that essentially corroborated Richard Colvin's position on the matter, why not just admit it was buried, in the hopes it would get lost permanently and not resurface.

And with respect to Gen. Walter Natynczyk statement quoted, obviously when the best information you have turn out to be completely false, well, That's Really Not Saying Much!

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